New York state coronavirus infected cases rise to 15,168, today’s analysis says

New York state coronavirus infected cases rise to 15,168, today’s analysis says

Coronavirus outbreak is the most awful in New York state across the United States. Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo requested Trump to nationalize the efforts to obtain clinical supplies as state leaders are been compelled to contend with each other for basic medical gear. There is a major need to address the lack protective masks and respirators as an estimated 40% to 80% of residents could get infected over the period of time, he added, CNBC reported.

As indicated by the new data published by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on Sunday, New York state presently has more coronavirus cases than South Korea or France as the quantity of affirmed cases rose to 15,168.

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“New York is testing maximum people in comparison to other state in the nation and, per capita, more than any nation in the globe,” Cuomo expressed. New York has tested 61,000 individuals, and 4,800 new cases yesterday, Cuomo included, CNBC published.

He also requested the federal government to help assembled transitory hospitals to nationalize purchasing of medical supplies in order to give good care to patients suffering with COVID-19.

He said that the Army Corps of Engineers will construct makeshift hospitals in Stony Brook, Westbury, Westchester and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, which will contain 4 federal hospitals with 250 beds respectively.

According to CNBC news, Cuomo said, “This will be an impossible situation to handle, if we don’t obtain the required equippments, we could lose lives that we could some way or another save, if we get the medical gear.”

President Trump stated on Sunday that the administration has initiated US National Guard units for three of the states New York, California and Washington state which are hardest hit by the novel COVID-19, CNN reported.

Article Credit: CNBC/CNN

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